The comprehensive history of Lightnin' Salvage Enterprises is an ancient dark secret with drama and intrigue. We'll just give out the condensed version here.

Lets start from the beginning...

Brent and Satch started LSE around 1989 as a company which collected JUNK. It was never a "real" company and yet it is all we ever talked about. Over the years LSE came to represent the dream of a perfect company, and an excuse to make a logo. Lightnin' Salvage Enterprises sponsored our bachelor party, became an alter-ego of sorts, and has always been the greatest pretend-real company ever. In the spring of 2006, LSE the dream opened it's garage door. It's been evolving ever since. LSE is a junk museum, a waiting lounge for a table at Satchel's, a gift shop that has the best mobile collection for 100 miles. Also, the best Florida souvenir shop, the best toy store or novelty shop for 100 miles. It is taking shape of many things, most notably a dream that is becoming tangible.

Up at Satchel's Pizza, Satch writes menu-backs, which are stories on the back of the menu. Click one of the menu backs below to read more about the evolution of LSE.