Our annual pinecone contest is held each calendar year. Get your funny looking, great, or decorated cone to us by mid December please.

Pinecone Contest Official Rules:

Contest is open to anyone. Pinecones can be from any place. All pinecones entered in the contest become the property of Lightnin' Salvage to be used as we see fit for promotional or decorative purposes. Winning pinecones are picked with subjectivity. We may decide one pinecone is better than another based on our idea of beauty or merit, and this may not correlate to actual measurement of the pinecone. Winning pinecones may be picked for reasons other than size. A really big pinecone is always good, but you may find one that has a funky shape, or is interesting in some other way.

Prizes may vary yearly and may include gift cards for pizza, an award certificate, trophies, or a native pine tree. If we make a t-shirt design based on a winning pinecone than the winner is eligible for a free t-shirt. Pinecones entered in the contest can be sent via mail as long as accompanied by a photo and contact information.

Please see the attendant on duty and leave contact information on a tag attached to your pinecone. Also, we would like to get a picture of you with your pinecone. Good luck to all.

The contest is annual for each calendar year.  Please submit cones on or before December 20th to be entered in that year's contest. Cones entered after Dec. 20th will be entered in the following year's contest.  Awards ceremony will usually happen the first or second weekend in January.  You will be notified to attend if you win a prize.

(Past winning pinecones are on display in our lounge, above the garage door opening).

Past Winners

2015 winners

1st place: Morgan Williams
Second Place: Strummer Lore
Third Place: Mary K Tomas
Vanguard Award: The Rogers Family

2014 winners

1st place: Evan Amstutz
Second Place: Gabrielle Gonzalez
Third Place: Suzanne Holloway
Vanguard Award: Aaron Gitzendanner

2013 winners

Tied for 1st place:
Suzanne & Savanna Holoway
Vistelle family

2012 winners

1st place, Suzanne & Savanna Holoway
2nd place: Jenna & Mark Tjia
3rd place: Dani Roditi & Ryan Anderson
Vanguard award: Cada Raye

2011 winners

1st place, Jana Middleton
2nd place: Suzanne Hollaway
Vanguard award: Elizabeth Hinkley

2010 winners

1st place, Julia
2nd place: Sterling family
Vanguard award: Silas

2009 winners

co-winners: Silas Raye & Danielle & Lisa Puls
2nd place winner Suzanne


2008 winners

Largest pinecone: Emily Watts
Smallest pinecone: Julia Pak


2007 winners

Largest pinecone: Erik Swedenberg
Smallest pinecone: Dennis Krehl


2006 winners

Largest pinecone: Mark & Jenna Tjia

Have a look at some Photos from the past.